first layer colours

20130707-212006.jpg stage 2 after firing the base colour to fix it, I paint the first layer of coloured stripes by masking and painting freehand. I work on lots of pieces at once jumping from one to the next to mix and match the colours I choose.

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4 Responses to first layer colours

  1. veronicacay says:

    How many times are you firing? And are you then putting some kind of Matt glaze or satin glaze on ? The colours are lovely.

    • Hi Veronica, I usually fire at least 3 or 4 times often more. I leave the surface mostly matt but apply a few bands of satin or gloss glaze and sometimes areas of oxides. In this new series is work I am considering experimenting with more glaze on the final layer but I have never been a fan of a glossy reflective surface so we’ll see……

      • veronicacay says:

        Thanks Rachel – as I am such a newbie to ceramics I really don’t know much about the glazing and colouring and are pretty much just stumbling through. I am always interested to hear about other’s ‘process’. I am also really impatient – once fired I think how can finish this! Love your colouring techniques – cheers

  2. Hi there, I have just nominated you for a Super Sweet blog award. Your work is so distinctive and original. I have really enjoyed following your blog. Thanks

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